About Us

      Hello, my name is Elizabeth, but my family & friends have always called me Lisa, co-workers have always called me Liz, and my husband & a few close people often call me Li, or LiLi. When I first started investing in this business venture in October 2020, I wanted to use my most private name as my designer name, just to share one of many small pieces of myself to the public, so here I am - Your Designer, Li.
      My husband & I don't have any children, yet, and have been married for 21 (now 23) years, but we are still believing in our future family. As a matter of fact, as my business grows, so will the extra support towards TTC or adoption, so you will be essentially helping us grow our family and that means so much to us, tremendously.  We got married 1999 and our wedding color was royal blue, hence the business name, RoyalTEE Studios™. TEE obviously means t-shirt, since that is what I started designing first, and 'Studios', well, because, let's face it, everyone is using 'Boutique' (ha!) and I LOVE to be different. I love a play-on-words as well, so RoyalTEE Studios™ is what it came to be. At the time I was creating my business name to match my domain, 'Studio' (singular) was taken at that time, so I had to pluralize it. I wasn't in the least bit dissatisfied with that, given that I plan to grow. Yeah, baby!
BACKSTORY - For The Love Of Art
       I grew up with 6 siblings, and we didn't have the opportunity to pursue any dreams, so we had to figure out ways of doing things on our own, which, I believe, had made us more creative than most of our peers. My father passed away when I was 7, so we just always did the best we could. It was a struggle for sure, but the LORD has shown me the beauty in those struggles, graced me with outlets as I was growing up, and I learned the beauty in hardships in general, as I got older and became closer to the LORD.
      I was born an identical twin and I was always fascinated by my twin sister's artistic abilities during our teenage-hood, usually drawing and poetry. While they usually saddened me, due to a lot of emotional expression, I saw amazing talent in her work! I thought 'anything that can move the emotions is worth something!' Then my middle sister and younger sister would prove, as well, to have a keen eye for drawing. I always did want to desperately turn a blank sheet of art paper into something amazing, because I did love art so much, but past the amazing images I saw in my head, my hands would not execute it - not manually anyway, but I will get to that. My youngest brother was an extremely good guitarist, just like my late grandpa, and could play by ear, and I found that just as fascinating - not only because I am musical and absolutely love to sing, but I find others' talents so exciting and inspiring. My older brother was an impressive "Mr. Fixit", so he was inclined in his right as well, while my oldest brother is currently great with engines and maintenance. 
I also thought it wasn't that interesting that I was only good at singing & writing songs - but, boy, did I love singing and poetry, ever since I was very little, and still do. I just simply thought I was lacking in artistic and essential skill, but that couldn't have been further from the truth - and aren't we all like that? It's cliché, yes, but we're our own worst critic! I was still learning & too young to be that hard on myself for not having certain seemingly innate skills. Thank the LORD when we learn that lack of confidence is a lie. Ha!
However, all of their abilities, constantly made me feel like I had this quiescent talent in me still just waiting to surface, I just had to learn how to apply myself to whatever it was exactly, before I would burst.
      I eventually learned that the LORD has different, individual talents for each and every one us in its own time, and it doesn't mean one is more talented than the other, or that you should ever compare yourself to another. You do slowly learn more and more about yourself, but you should focus on and harness what the LORD has before you at any given time, during its season. Some of these things will change as well. I later realized that I had a pretty good eye for photographs, just like my late father. There are so many ways you can be artsy and express yourself and get that out of your system. Also, art doesn't start with task and talent, it starts with the mind, the way you look at things. Having a good eye, seeing the bigger picture, and being a creative thinker by nature are all invaluable.
      After I got married in 1999, my artistic outlets were cooking, sewing, singing and the occasional crafting. I sewed a lot, and made a LOT of pillows, especially in 2003-2004, because, well, for one, it was a flat-out cheap craft to do at that time while I was living in a bus and I needed to keep myself busy, but I always ended up giving these pillows as gifts, especially to my co-workers. Secondly, I was just happy at that time, as a young adult, to still have an outlet, to teach myself, and to get experience, and find out what works well and what doesn't. After moving out of the bus, I continued to maintain my certification working as a nurse technician to care for the elderly and help out with bills at home. I absolutely loved cooking after work and learned and experimented with all kinds of recipes; However, it was a blessing that my dad-in-law was not only often challenging me with new recipes, he is also very crafty and introduced me to glass etching - I fell in love, y'all!!  I even currently glass-etched our wine glasses for our 2021 Vow Renewal to celebrate over 20 years of marriage.
      I never forgot the impression glass etching had on me and I will be eventually adding that to my products here on my website. I will also be adding "wood burnt" designed products by 2023 (and other products, as time goes by and my business expands).

  Finally, at 41 years old (now 43), I am so grateful to have learned all the many details about sublimation dye printing, bleaching/dye techniques, apparel painting techniques, and a few other things to be able to offer graphic tees and products to the world. Through the course of a year, I've also learned digital design and digital content, and that is very exciting, because that fulfills that desire to turn a blank sheet of paper into something great, although digitally! Ha! I'm also a huge fan of passive income - I mean, who wouldn't be, right? This entire graphic work, physical and digital, is something that I enjoy very much with great satisfaction.
     Sublimation is not widely understood, but this craft is still done by many people, and is growing significantly, but we all have different talents, strengths, techniques, etc., within everything there is to learn about this craft.  We all have our own style, our own brand, our own journey, and our own dreams, goals, and living life the best way we know how, with the what the LORD has equipped us with. With each passing decade, our bodies change, along with our interests. While I love learning & trying new things every year, and while not many things leave a lasting impression, this art of designing a new look onto apparel and products has become one of the most enjoyable outlets, since I fell in love with singing, sewing, and cooking.  I will, no doubt, always be a singer/songwriter, but this new art has been a wonderful blessing & an amazing gift from the LORD.
     All of us have a desire to feel like we are making some kind of difference in the world and within ourselves. I hope you enjoy looking through my store, something I've always worked hard towards, before I had even realized it. You will find the biggest niche collections listed first, but I will cover many products, as I want to provide wide variety (i.e., mugs, wall art, organic clothing, fundraiser products that allow me to donate to causes, etc.). Feedback is always welcome on what can be improved upon with our products.
Thank you for taking the time to read 'About Us'